Saved By Zero

My brain, memory and music along with my microwave can play some pretty unusual tricks on me. I have recently noticed that when I turn my microwave on it starts off with the same strong note used for The Fixx‘ “Saved By Zero“ song. I don’t know which is worse; the fact that I realized […]

Linux For Everyone

I love the operating systems revolving around the Linux Kernel. I think it’s amazing that something so good comes to the world so cheap or mostly free. You can do tremendous work on this platform, so it begs the question: Why aren’t more people using it? Here are the known benefits: It’s free (can’t argue […]

Theme Song Dilemma

In the land of surreal, if my book, “Time” were to become a movie, I’d be hard pressed to choose between these two theme songs: Or… Decisions, decisions! /aw

Thank You!

I was informed this morning that the article I wrote for had over 2,700 views over the weekend. Thank you for taking the time to read and consider the suggestions. Also, thank you to those who suggested other software options as well. There are a couple that I will definitely take a look at […]

Farewell, Facebook

I ditched Facebook yesterday. I’m not liking their direction. Now, I’m not a big Twitter fan, either. However, I think that might be the way I’ll go. If I do, don’t expect a rash of Tweets. 😉 /aw

Back ‘Er On Up, NOW!

Use computers long enough, and not only will you learn the following lesson the hard way, but you’ll read about it in any number of tech sources; Back Up Your Computer! If you haven’t heard these pearls of wisdom yet, you need to now. I’m going to talk about one of the easiest ways to […]

Antergos For Everyone

You’ll see the Antergos logo here-and-there on this site. I am not an employee of, nor am I being compensated for putting their logo on my website. I just think it’s the best Linux Distribution out there, and I want to spread the word. /aw