Saved By Zero

My brain, memory and music along with my microwave can play some pretty unusual tricks on me. I have recently noticed that when I turn my microwave on it starts off with the same strong note used for The Fixx‘ “Saved By Zero“ song. I don’t know which is worse; the fact that I realized […]

Linux For Everyone

I love the operating systems revolving around the Linux Kernel. I think it’s amazing that something so good comes to the world so cheap or mostly free. You can do tremendous work on this platform, so it begs the question: Why aren’t more people using it? Here are the known benefits: It’s free (can’t argue […]

Theme Song Dilemma

In the land of surreal, if my book, “Time” were to become a movie, I’d be hard pressed to choose between these two theme songs: Or… Decisions, decisions! /aw

Antergos For Everyone

You’ll see the Antergos logo here-and-there on this site. I am not an employee of, nor am I being compensated for putting their logo on my website. I just think it’s the best Linux Distribution out there, and I want to spread the word. /aw