Farewell, Facebook

I ditched Facebook yesterday. I’m not liking their direction. Now, I’m not a big Twitter fan, either. However, I think that might be the way I’ll go. If I do, don’t expect a rash of Tweets. 😉 /aw

Why I fell in love with Antergos Linux

My first article for Opensource.com, “Why I fell in love with Antergos Linux,” has been published today. If you are interested in making your computer faster, more efficient and to your liking please take a few minutes to read the story about how I finally found my Operating System (OS) home. Special thanks to my editor, Jen […]

First Opensource.com Article Coming 2/26/2018

My first article for Opensource.com will appear on Monday, February 26th, 2018. I will post the link once it has published. My second article for the same website has been approved, but is still in edit. I will post more about this article at another time. Have a great weekend! /aw