Thank You!

I was informed this morning that the article I wrote for had over 2,700 views over the weekend. Thank you for taking the time to read and consider the suggestions. Also, thank you to those who suggested other software options as well. There are a couple that I will definitely take a look at […]

Another Article Coming Up?

I’ve resubmitted an article to to see if it is better suited than the first draft. Cross your fingers! I’ve also submitted another article to the same site for consideration. I’m very glad they’re interested in my writing. I will update as we go! /aw

Back To Work!

I have enjoyed writing several tech articles for the average computer user over the last few weeks. However, I have distracted myself from my other work long enough. I still plan on writing more “Average User” articles, but the Sci-Fi must flow…Oops. That might have been a copyright infringement. I’ll have to wait and see […]